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Hamlet Retweeted - Prince Hamlet

Prince Hamlet

Drama student and Prince of Denmark. | Hobbies include talking to a ghost, to skulls and to myself, tormenting Polonius and teasing his daughter Ophelia. | I'm a scholar... not a fighter. | #anticlaudius

Elsinore Castle | Pirate Ship | Cemetery

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Hamlet Retweeted - Ophelia


I all things Hamlet and he loves me!!!... I think?? | All the pheelz. | Favorite things include sewing in my closet, pretending to read a prayer book, collecting flowers and chillin in the pond outside the castle. | #crazy4hammy

Elsinore Castle | Castle Pond | Heaven?

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Hamlet Retweeted - Horario


Graduate of Wittenburg University where I met by best bro, Prince Hamlet. | Only one hobby: chillin' with by bff, Hamlet. | Peanut butter to Hamlet's jelly. | I see dead people. | #HamletBro

Wittenberg University and Elsinore Castle

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Hamlet Retweeted - Queen Gertrude

Queen Gertrude

It's my castle, I do what I want to. | New hubby King Claudius. | It's not incest if you're related only by law! ... right? | First husband recently found dead in palace orchard. | #sorrynotsorry #wineoclock

Royal throne, Elsinore Castle

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Hamlet Retweeted - King Claudius

King Claudius

I love my sister-in-law, I mean my wife. | two months strong. | It's good to be King of Denmark. | Skillsets include public speaking and secret poisonings. | #whosyourdaddy

Queen Gertrude's Castle

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Hamlet Retweeted - Polonius


Loyal servant to King Claudius. | Father to daughter Ophelia and son Laertes. | Avid talker, eavesdropper and know-it-all. | Be true to yourself. | #parentingdoneright

Feast for worms

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Hamlet Retweeted - Laertes


Son of Polonius, brother of Ophelia. | Only regular guy in a play full of psychos and weirdos. | Man, my sister shouldn't love Prince Hamlet. That dude's no good. | #wassup

Paris and Denmark

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Hamlet Retweeted -  Rosencrantz and Guildenstern

Rosencrantz and Guildenstern

Just a pair a dudes sent to spy on our oldest pal, Prince Hamlet. | Dishonest? Potentially. | Skeevy? Probably. | Incompetent? Most definitely. | We need the cash. | #hoisted

Denmark and England

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Hamlet Retweeted - King Hamlet's Ghost

King Hamlet's Ghost

Real salty how my bro Claudius stole my life, wife and crown. | Still crushing on my widow wifey, Queen Gertrude. | My boy Hamlet Junior is on the case and will take of business. Real soon now. | #revenge

Purgatory? Hell? Hamlet's "bad dreams"?

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Hamlet Retweeted - Fortinbras

Young Fortinbras

With that scary King Hamlet dead it's time for Norway to start dissin’ Denmark again. | Maybe the rest of the Hamlet family will just kill each other and I'll walk in at the end to take over as king. | #winning

Norway, Poland and Denmark

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Hamlet Retweeted - Castle Guards

Castle Guards

Barnardo, Francisco and Marcellus | We are scared of a ghost, are bitter cold and sick at heart. | #SomethingRottenInTheStateOfDenmark

Castle battlements after midnight

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"See the players well bestowed... Let them be well used, for they are the abstract and brief chronicles of the time. After your death you were better have a bad epitaph than their ill report while you live."

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